Medical Battery

replacement medical battery for all type of medical equipments
OEM & ODM Medical replacement battery manufacturer & exporter

PBS Medical Battery sells medical replacement batteries for all types of medical equipment requiring temporary or emergency power backup from a battery-based storage system. Permanent and portable X-ray, CT Scans, MRI, oxygen generators, and IV pumps all use batteries for backup or extended use away from AC power supplies. Select the Brand of medical equipment battery you are looking for from the convenient drop-down menu below and start shopping.

PBS medical Battery was founded with the mission to give anyone that relies on medical devices replacement batteries that were an affordable alternative to OEM power supplies.  In addition our medical batteries match – or exceed – the quality of the medical device manufacturer’s.  Decades of growth and thousands of customers speak to that success.

WE ARE HERE TO HELP! If you need help determining which Medical Battery is right for you, E-mail us at ( Ricahrd or Lisa ).